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Faster - Higher - Stronger

Rich Schimenek

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Phone: 3209800948

Faster - Higher - Stronger Program Information

Who: Any High School or College athlete that wants to improve their acceleration and top speed.

When: Depends on the athlete's level and availability.
The program is 2 or 3 days a week, contact Coach Schimenek ( to set up training times. We're in the gym from 5-9am and 2-5:30pm weekdays. We don't have set start times since all the schools start and finish at different times.

Who: Any High School or College athlete that wants to improve their vertical jump, both standing jump and approach jump.

When: Same as the Faster Program, contact Coach Schimenek to setup training times.

Middle School, High School, and College athletes that are looking for a full strength, speed, and conditioning program that will benefit performance in all sports.

When: 2 to 4 days a week based on experience and availability of the athlete. 

Program Cost
  All 3 Day Programs are $150/month, all 2 Day Programs are $100/month, billed month-to-month so athletes can come and go as needed. There is a 50% discount for a 2nd athlete from the same family ($75/$50 per month for the 2nd athlete).
If you're new to Trois Training, please email Coach Rich at and we can set up a time to tour the gym!

2023 Summer Strength & Conditioning!