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Goaltender Development


Our teaching model is goaltender specific, not promoting and teaching one “style” to all. This model allows the goaltender to develop a style that fits their physical and athletic makeup. Goaltending fundamentals are stressed during intense training periods. Developing strong technical fundamentals allows a goaltender to build quickness and agility. This foundation is based upon mastering the stance and efficiently moving while determining the proper save selection for the situation.

One-on-One Training

The individual instruction and development plan encourages communication and fine-tuning during the season. This provides support for the goaltender’s in-season coaches and parents. Each session is specifically designed for the specific needs of the goaltender. Video analysis is used to enhance techniques and provide feedback during your practices.

Small Group Goaltender Development

Trois' small group goaltender development program is structured to provide individual feedback to in-season with goalies who are dedicated to taking their game to the next level. These sessions consist of drills organized by stations based on fundamentals, technique, edgework and game situation.

In-Season Assocation Goaltender Development

Our program to support hockey associations is designed to meet the association's specific needs. Group training consists of drills organized by stations, game situation reviews, off-ice discussion, goaltender-specific dryland training and reaction drills. 

On ice instruction.

On ice instruction.

Individual Goaltender Training

Looking to enhance your goaltending skills or receive feedback during your practice or game?

Our Goaltender Development Coaches can come to your practice or games to work with your and provide direct feedback. 

Contact Coach Cal at 320-290-6214.